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2022 Proposed Tax Increase

The Mosquito Abatement District-Davis has proposed a 23% increase that will equal a $650,000.00 increase in the budget of the District.
On the average home in Davis County valued at $404,000.00, this increase would equal $5.01 increase per year on the property taxes. 
On the average business valued at $404,000.00, this increase would be $9.12 increase per year on the property taxes.

The proposed budget increase is for the following purposes:
Seasonal Employee pay increase - $80,000.00
Mosquito Control is a labor intensive work. The Mosquito Abatement District-Davis hires about 40 seasonal employees to work. These employees are field employees that work out in the wetlands treating larval sources, mosquito surveillance, lab/mosquito testing and night time spray employees. 
To be competitive in the market place we are needing to raise our wages. We will be increasing the field employees from $11.00/hour to $14.00/hour and the night time sprayer from $12.00/hour to $15.00/hour.

2 New Full Time Employees - $150,000.00
We are going to try to hire 2 new field/night time spray employees. This increase would cover their salary and benefits of a full time employee.
2 more employees would help greatly to cover the early spring/summer and the end of summer/fall when many of the seasonal college students are not available to work. They would also spray a couple of nights a week to help cover the county better through the summer.

Stream Cover - $180,000.00
There is a stream (Holmes Creek) that flows through the District Property. This stream banks are eroding and could have serious effect on some of our buildings and structures.  We are working with the Davis County Flood Control to culvert and cover the stream. It is a 50%-50% project and flood control will pay for half of the project.
The funds after the stream repair is done will be used to build up for some pesticide storage building renovations that need to take place to improve our operations.

Pesticide - $100,000.00
This increase is to cover the increase cost of products used for mosquito control and to cover the increased acreage being sprayed. The District has historically been spraying 12,000-15,000 acres a year for larval control in the marshes of the Great Salt Lake. With the Lake levels dropping so dramatically the marsh area has been growing and we are now treating 19,000- 23,000 acers a year. This increase allows us to keep up with the growing marsh acres.

Hangar Buy-Out – $120,000.00
We are in a joint ownership with Salt lake City Mosquito Abatement District of a hangar at the Ogden Airport that our aerial spray contractor uses to conduct aerial spray operations. They are moving in a different direction for aerial spray and we will need to buy their portion of the hanger within the next 5-7 years. This increase allows us to build funds over time to pay for the contractual obligations. 

Lab Equipment Fund - $20,000.00
The District has brought all the mosquito testing in house instead of the Utah State Health Lab doing the testing. The federal grant that was paying for the testing for many years is no longer available so the state had to start charging us for the testing. Bring the testing in-house has increase the amount we can test and great speeds up our test results. To set up the lab used equipment was purchased to get the lab up and running. Some of the equipment used is costly to purchase new we are building funds to make those purchases to replace old outdated equipment.