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Mosquito Abatement District - Davis office building

The Mosquito Abatement District-Davis is a public agency serving the communities of Davis County, with responsibilities for: Controlling mosquitoes to enhance public health and comfort. Acting as an information resource on mosquito biology, control, and prevention. Insect identification and associated disease transmission. Operating in a safe, ecologically-sound and publicly accessible manner.  


The Mosquito Abatement District-Davis County (MAD-D) started its mosquito control program in 1951 under the direction of the health department. Two employees were hired to conduct the spray program. The District equipment consisted of two backpack sprayers and transportation was one horse and a motorcycle. The MAD-D was formed as a special service district in 1953.  The MAD-D has grown considerably since its beginning with many changes yet to take place to meet the increasing demands in mosquito control.


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Most people see mosquito control as the "fogging truck" that drives through their neighborhood spraying at night for adult mosquitoes. This part of our operation is actually only about 25%-30% of our control efforts. The majority of our work takes place out on the wetlands spraying for mosquito larvae in the water. The larvae are treated by hand sprayers, ATVs, and by airplane. The primary product used for larval control is called BTI. This is a biological product that is environmentally friendly and effective. BTI is more difficult and costly to use, but the effort to reduce the impact on the environment is a priority to the MAD-D