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Seasonal Mosquito Control Technician Wetlands

Wetland technician on ATV

Job Description:

A seasonal mosquito control technician wetland works under close supervision of the field manager and director, to conduct routine mosquito control assignments in wetland environments and may be asked to do work on other assignments as needed. Is expected to learn about and apply integrated mosquito management (IMM) in their work. Will gain a working knowledge of the mosquito life cycle and the larval habitats used throughout the county, including the proper application techniques for larval surveillance and treatment. This is seasonal employment for the summer mosquito control season.

Basic Duties:

  • Inspects and treats designated mosquito breeding locations such as: pastures, wetlands, golf courses, roadside ditches, swales, drainage overflows, catch basins, gutters, ornamental pools, etc. Maintains an awareness of irrigation patterns and water levels in their assigned area.
  • Records all treatments and maintains accurate records of inspections and treatments.
  • Use of ATV’s and other equipment in the field.
  • Assist in set-up and collection of mosquito surveillance traps.
  • Standard “housekeeping” tasks on equipment and facility, and simple equipment maintenance.
  • Assist in calibration of various pieces of spray equipment as needed.
  • Attending training sessions, reading district manuals, and otherwise keeps informed of policies and procedures; keeps assistant manager informed of progress and problems.
  • Operates ULV adulticide equipment at dusk if needed and as directed.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education equivalent to graduation from high school.
  • Must possess a valid Utah Driver’s License with an excellent driving record.
  • Must be able to obtain a non-commercial pesticide applicators license.
  • Experience with the operation of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle.
  • Must be physically able and willing to do physical labor. Must be able to lift fifty pounds.
  • Must have the ability to safely operate district equipment .
  • Must be able to work dependably, cooperatively with others and to exercise independent judgement.

Job Duration:

April to September, 40 hours per week, Monday to Thursday

Work Environment:

Will be working in marshy wetlands in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and sun exposure. Much of the day will be spent riding ATV or walking through the wetlands and pastures. Will be exposed to mosquitoes and allergens in the field.

Apply for Job:

Complete the job application found below and email it to

MAD-D Job Application